Monday, December 12, 2005

All Roge's Fault

So I think Roge has created a monster here. It's the night before my last final exam of the semester (ahem, my only final exam of the semester), and I can't motivate to study at the moment. So what have I done? I've taken her [probably joking; definitely ridiculous] advice and created a blog. To say what, exactly? I'm not quite sure. I'm staring at my blank computer screen in need of some brain-candy (like the Family Guy reruns that are on at the moment), but wanting to write. And needing to study. Since I'm limited in brainpower at the moment (school seems to do that to me around this time of year), I'll link to an interesting piece from yesterday's New York Times. The NYT is the only newspaper I read religiously, and pieces like these are the reasons why. The world is in need of healing; it seems to me that the holiday season throws this into fairly sharp relief. For further contemplation of the uncertain future of New Orleans, read "Death of an American City." It's sobering, and important.

On a completely unrelated note, check out my adorable niece. Further proof that Roge has lost it. I guess she's created two monsters, really. At least we're cute.

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